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1. Thru The Days
2. She’s In My Car
3. Union In The Phase
4. ½ £
5. Whatchusay?

/you can like what you like, but this is ripe\


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  • 4 months ago


Here is our performance of Stairway 2 Heaven II from the living room sessions.

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  • 4 months ago
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Generic 50’s Love Song in A# Major

oh baby girl you’re the one for me
i wish the world would just sink into the sea
and leave you and me to be
there’d be no more distracting you away from me

and it’s not hard to get
you just haven’t got it yet
it’s easy to understand
just let me be your man

oh my darling you drive me wild
i’m already brainstorming names for our first child
and when the winter thaws, and the breeze becomes mild
we’ll sit and talk for a long, long while

and it’s not hard to get
you just haven’t got it yet
it’s easy to understand
just let me be your man

and it’s not hard to get
you just haven’t got it yet
no, it’s easy to see
that you’re the one for me
and i’m the one for you
nothing else could be more true
i know i can’t be wrong
cause this feeling feels so fuckin’ gong show man that’s dopeskies high five ya hear?

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  • 6 months ago

Love Is A Straight Spine

venom tang is such an evil thing

the eight-ball is nothing to consult

stand straight and tall

how just a girl can so infatuate my mind that i up and changes my ways…

…can’t explain

at the local bar were pooling sharks

don’t be a gull, the dude’s just here to brawl

dingers in the stall

the only love here floats between me and her

and if i get too far, i get those cold shivers

hind legs that creep in my soul

how’d you find me here sitting alone

on a bench pretending to read

well aware you were approaching me

ooh babe, sleeker than gold

a back bends like a loaded bow

you archeress, releasing the twine

i’ve come to learn that love is a straight spine

but old ways strain to resist change

and if you can’t haul my body from that gully

to you i’ll crawl

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  • 1 year ago
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recall with me the folks you know close

suppose their eyes observe a glow, so

slowly closing with the dark, hark!

and feel the need to reach our mark

no complaints

and wanes the moon so we’re moving on

these campaigns

of sure-fire tunes, and bottles drawn

seventy shrills from a whore’s nest

seventy kills for the fortress

laughter fills your halls at dusk, much like

irresistible battle-lust

bourbon poured, now rest assured

that all your glory will be restored

when establish brains 

remain in liquid perservatives

acting like potted-plant veins

which drain what life the water gives

seventy centuries left to go

seventy year-old eager bones

its funny how i close my eyes and see yours

the proof that what we do we cannot ignore

yet we’re whisked away by bottles of whiskey

and some other girl who says something, like

beneath the canopy life has come

to gather one-and-all, until night is done

and you’re left standing there all on your own

to say “switch me off, i’m going home”

seventy days into a summer, with 

how many more? so until another 

rolls round…

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